In the American town Alamida, at the Art Gallery, the exhibition-auction "Sunflowers of Ukraine" was held.
Lots of the exhibition were the artistic works of children from Ukraine, both the native inhabitants of Cherkasy and refugees (nearly 50 works) as well as local residents of various cities of California (over 100 works).
Most of the pictures are devoted to the theme of peace and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. More details about the works can be found at
Anyone willing to participate in the exhibition can also access the auction online.
We are proud to note that the Rotarian from Cherkasy Leonid Lashchenko with his family and American friends Carmen Reid, Juvy Tamor, Christian Gilby have done extremely hard and difficult work in organizing the exhibition. They also published an album with a description of the arts and brief information about the authors.
The photos showed the atmosphere at the exhibition!
Kind and generous wishes to help our country!
All the collected donations will go to Ukraine to buy goods for military and refugees.
Later the exhibition will move to the sister city of Cherkassy - Santa Rosa, where the auction will also be held. Thanks to the Rotarians of Santa Rosa for their support!